Special Use Regulations

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Special Use Permits Available

  • A Special Use Permits is required for all Adults wanting access to the Black and Salt Rivers for all outdoor recreational activities (fishing, camping, hiking or sightseeing). All permits are good from 12:00 am to 12:00 am. Children age 10-14 wanting access to the area are required to hold a Daily Juvenile Fishing Permit. This permit will cover all above mentioned recreational activities. Children under 10 years old do not require a permit. All children must be accompanied by an Adult holding a valid Special Use Permit. CIBECUE FALLS EXCLUDED: A CIBECUE FALLS ACCESS PERMIT IS REQUIRED.
  • Special Use Daily $15.00
  • Cibecue Falls Access Permit (ALL AGES) $30.00 PER PERSON/PER DAY 
  • Fishing: Daily Youth (ages 10-14) $ 3.00

Special Use Definitions/ Regs

  • Special Use Area is defined as "All areas within the canyon corridor/canyon feature of the Black and Salt Rivers, which forms the southern boundary of the Fort Apache Indian Reservation.
  • An Adult "Special Use Permit" covers all authorized recreational activities in the Special Use Area.
  • An Adult "Special Use Permit" are also valid for use at other general recreation areas on the Reservation for all general recreational activities authorized in those subject areas (fishing, camping, hiking, sightseeing, etc.).
  • Person(s) holding a valid tribal hunting license/permits or valid rafting permits are NOT required to also hold a "Special Use Permit" for Black and Salt River area.

Special Use Area Closures

  • The department places a seasonal closure (after Labor Day through April 1st) for public safety reasons. The upper Black River Area, defined as the river upstream/east of the Big Bonito Creek confluence and south of Route Y40 east to the reservation boundary is CLOSED to all recreation. White Crossing, Ten of Diamonds, and Rattle Snake Point areas fall under this closure.
  • The area between Salt River Draw and one mile downstream of Rock Canyon and between the Salt River and north to the canyon rim, is CLOSED to all non-tribal member. You can only drive through the area via Route G1. River Rafters may use the southern bank, but are NOT ALLOWED from using or landing on the northern bank in this area. Salt Banks and the old Salt Banks campground are CLOSED