Fishing report

Fishing Report For: August 13, 2018

Water Report Recommendations / Tips

A-1 Lake


Try green powerbait or nightcrawlers. Try lures like spinners in bright colors and spoons in gold finish like kastmasters. Boat ramp accessible. Do not drive/park vehicles off main roads/parking areas.

Black River


Specila Use Permit is Required.  Try jigs, nightrawlers, or spinners near structures or in pools for bass Try stinkbait or nightcrawlers for catfish. 

Bog Tank Fair

Bog Tank accessible. Try nightcrawlers, purple colored powerbait power eggs, or salmon eggs. Try spinners and z-ray spoons. Day use only, No camping allowed.

Bootleg Lake  Fair Try topwater frog lures and crankbait for largemouth bass in weeds around lake. Try nightcrawlers ans stinkbait for channel catfish . There are weeds around the lake.
Christmas Tree Lake  

Reservations for Christmas Tree Lake can be made online at Limited to 20 anglers per day with reservations.

Cooley Lake Fair Try nightcrawlers or powerbait for trout. Try crankbait and topwater for large mouth bass near weed beds around lake. Try stinkbait or chicken liver for channel catfish.
Cyclone Lake  

Reservations for Cyclone Lake can be made online at

Drift Fence Lake  Fair Try different colors of powerbait like rainbow and chateuse or nightcrawlers. Lures like kastmasters spoons and Mepps spinners in bright colors.

Earl Park Lake

Fair  Earl Park Lake is accessible. Try nightcrawlers, garlic powerbait in different colors, or salmon eggs. Try lures like spinners or spoons trolled from boat. 

Hawley Lake

Good  Try baits like nightcrawler or green powerbait rigged to fish off the bottom. Try lures like mepps spinnes or silver kastmaster spoons. Boat ramps around lake are accessible. Hawley Lake Store is open from Wednesday to Sunday.

Horseshoe Lake

Fair Try nightcrawlers or yellow powerbait. Try nightrawlers or rainbow powerbait. Try lures like spinners with silver blade. Boat anglers try nightcrawlers, powerbait, or spoons. The Horseshoe Lake Store is closed. Boat ramp accessible.
Hurricane Lake   Reservations for Hurricane Lake can be made online at
North Fork Ditch Camp Good  Try nightcrawlers, spinners, and jigs in slower moving pools and riffles. In lower elevation streams try nightcrawlers, small spinners or jigs for smallmouth bass.
Pacheta Lake  Fair Pacheta Lake is"Catch and Release" artificail flies and lures only with single, barbless hooks. Pacheta Lake is accessible. Try dry fly patterns like hopper and wet fly patterns like streamers. 
Reservation Lake  Good Try powerbait with  glitter in orange or rainbow or nightcrawlers.  Boat anglers try spinners or spoons. Try wet fly patterns Reservation Lake Store is Closed.
Salt River Fair Special Use Permit is Required.  Try jigs, nightcrawler. Try Stink bait or nightcrawlers for catfish. It is your resposibility to pack out what you packed in.

Shush Be Tou Lake

(Big Bear)

Good Try baits like nightcrawlers or yellow powerbait. Try spoons in silver finish. Try spinners like panter martins and roostertails. Boat ramp is not accessible.

Shush Be Zahze Lake

(Little Bear)

Good  Little Bear is accessible. Try nightcrawlers, rainbow gillter powerbait off the bottom , or lures like silver kastmaster spoons and bright colored panther martin spinners retrieved or trolled from boat. Boat ramp accessible.

Sunrise Lake




Try nightcrawlers or Charteuse powerbait. Try lures like spinners. Fly patterns try wet patterns. Sunrise General Store open.   Do not drive/park vehicles off main roads/parking areas.
Streams Fair Try nightcrawlers, spinners, and jigs in slower moving, deeper pools and riffles near structures like logs and boulders.  In lower elevation streams near try nightcrawlers, small spinners or jigs for smallmouth bass earlier in day before monsoon storms make streams turbid. 

Tonto Lake

(Tribal members only)

  Try pink powerbait or  nightcrawlers for rainbow trout.  Try small crankbaits, spinners and spoons retrieved from shore or trolled from boat.   Tribal members can obtain fishing license with proof of membership at the Game & Fish Office. 

Daily bag limits for trout: 15 & older is 5 fish/day; 10-14 years old is 3 fish/day; 9 & younger is 2 fish/day. A valid White Mountain Apache Tribal Permit is required and must carried at all times while fishing, boating, camping and other recreation activities on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation. Permits can be obtained online at or at permit vendors. Firework possession and its use is prohibited on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation. Visit our website at or call our office at (928)338-4385 for the latest fishing report, fire restrictions and closures.